Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions. If you want to know more, please contact us.

Q: How does personal training compare in cost compare to a regular gym membership?
At LIFT there are no membership fees so you are only paying for personal training appointments. And you are also welcome to come in to LIFT on the days you are not with your trainer and use the cardio equipment at no charge. This will complement and enhance the workouts you do with your trainer.

Q: I haven't exercised regularly in years, and I've never worked with a personal trainer. Do I have to get in shape before I come to LIFT?
No. We are here to help you assess the level of fitness you are at. We then design your workouts to help you move forward and reach your fitness goals while considering any health issues or injuries. We use many different types of techniques in our training program and our approach is holistic and supportive

Q: I've tried personal training before, but it left me stiff and sore for days after each workout. Can I train without pain at LIFT?
We understand you have a life outside of working out and you need to be able to move without extreme muscle soreness. Our goal is to help you reach optimal fitness at a pace and level that is right for you.

Q: My biggest problem with regular exercise programs is the monotony—I get bored doing the same thing over and over. What does LIFT do to keep it interesting?
After we have an initial assessment and discuss your fitness goals we create a series of workouts catered to you using a variety of techniques including - free weights, machines, pilates -type movements, flexibility and balance training, and progressive resistance, etc. We want to keep you interested in the workouts and your body from plateauing from the same boring exercises.

Q: If I have a medical condition that prevents me from exercising strenuously can LIFT create workouts that will help me?
Yes. We are not physical therapists but we are the next steps after physical therapy. We have worked with clients with all kinds of injuries. Each injury will be assessed individually and we build workout programs to support healing.
We have helped people with many types of injuries including recovering from - knee and hip replacement, back, shoulder and neck injuries, heart attack and stroke, and sports related injuries.

Q: What is the range of client types that work out at LIFT?
We work with all types of clients. Our clients range from:
• professional athletes trying to improve performance (golf, tennis, basketball, hockey, dance)
• people trying to get back in shape as part of enhancing their lives
• people recovering from injuries and health ailments
• children who are getting started on their path to fitness

Q: What happens if I have to cancel a session? Will I have to pay if I can't make it?
We have a 24hr. cancellation policy. At the same time, we understand life and work can become hectic and we will work with you to try to reschedule your appointment within the same week if you need to cancel within the 24 hour window.